Brief history on Sandra Marshall, owner of Egyptian Essences Web site:
Sandra is a famous Hollywood Makeup Artist with an Emmy under her belt for designing the Makeup and Hair for the 63rd Annual Academy Awards show. You can visit her other web site to see her amazing makeup career at She has always had an appreciation for beautiful scents, and got involved in a very special perfume testing panel of celebrities such as the Jacksons, Tawny Little (a former anchor for ABC and Miss America), Ed McMahon’s wife, Sammy Davis, Jr.’s wife; to name a few; who worked lovingly with Fred Hayman of Beverly Hills. As she progressed, and Fred realized that she possessed a very good nose, she was secretly invited to work on the fragrance “With love” with Fred Hayman and his French Perfumer. When the fragrance, Beverly Hills “273” was launched and then later, “With Love”; she felt very proud to have been a part of it all.

It wasn’t until she made a trip to Egypt in 1999 that she discovered her true gift and calling. While visiting a local perfume palace in Cairo, Egypt, she was introduced to a very special Egyptian young man whose mom was a famous perfumer and owned her own herb and flower plantation. He showed Sandra what oils were really designed to do. As Sandra visited the temples of Egypt, she started feeling an affinity to the land. She started having vivid dreams of what she used to be; and it awakened her memory to when she was a little girl having vivid dreams which must’ve gotten suppressed. She likens herself to Nefertari who was the temple alchemist working closely with Isis to keep the Kings, Queens and their children well. Nefertari and Isis are depicted on the temple walls and in papyrus throughout Egypt.

When she arrived home in Calabasas, Calif., she couldn’t stop thinking about the oils and her next trip there to learn more and maybe start a business.In 2002, Sandra returned to Egypt and purchased some 40 different oils from that young man and had them sent to her home. Since then, she has been studying what oils are made up of and what they can do to not only make you smell good but how they work to keep you well. She blends special oils for many healers, such as; Eaglewoman, an Apache shaman who has travelled the world healing people.

Do you have a special need? Why not let her blend a batch for you?